NGO's and Partners for Lesotho

NGO's in other countries

Denmark Lesotho Network


DLN was founded in 2002 by former Danish development
 workers in Lesotho and other good friends.

Action Lesotho - Ireland

Action Lesotho is a community based voluntary organisation
that supports the MDGs it aims to assist and empower
communities in Lesotho.

         Friends of Lesotho (FOL) - America

- a non-profit organization promoting friendship between Lesotho and North America.
- supported by former Peace Corps volunteers and others

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Partners in Norway related to Lesotho

Red Cross Norway

Story: Vera visited Lesotho
Vera Micaelsen video , photos and diary from the beautiful Lesotho , where the Red Cross is struggling against the HIV epidemic

Blue Cross Norway

Blue Cross in Lesotho:
- is cooperating with the treatment center Thaba Bosiu Center ( TBC ) on the prevention and treatment activities in the rural district Butha - Buthe .

Norges Handicapforbund
The Norwegian Association of Disabled
assists the national umbrella organization for the disabled with the organization ; Lesotho National Federation of Organisations for the Disabled ( LNFOD ) .  (Eng.)

The Norwegian Guide and Scout Association (NSF)

Since 1994, NSF has supported the development of scouting associations in Lesotho; Lesotho Girl Guides Association and Lesotho Scout Association. In 2004-05 completed the exchange of scout leaders and had leadership training.

"If we are together nothing is impossible. If we are divided all will fail." (Winston Churchill)

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Doctors Without borders work in Lesotho:

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Since it opened in 2006, Gem Diamonds Ltd.’s mine in Lesotho, has produced four of the 20 largest white diamonds.

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