Business, Investment and Industry

Business and economic conditions in Lesotho

Business opportunities in Lesotho?

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Photo: Ambassador Paramente Phamotse at the NABA summit.

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The Embassy of the Kingdom of Lesotho in Dublin intensified its efforts to attract Norwegian and Scandinavian investors into Lesotho by participating in the Norwegian African Business Summit every year in Oslo.

NABA - Norwegian-African Business Association.

Embassy website about business - CLICK HERE

International trade Centre (ITC)

Lesotho farmers gain jobs, new markets through fruits, vegetables exports.

Producers of fresh fruits and vegetables in Lesotho are increasing the value and competitiveness of their products by using greenhouse farming, as part of an ITC project. The project falls under the Enhanced Integrated Framework.

See the film (7 minutes) - CLICK HERE

Published 8. June 2015

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Since it opened in 2006, Gem Diamonds Ltd.’s mine in Lesotho, has produced four of the 20 largest white diamonds.

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