The Basotho Blanket is unique to the Kingdom of Lesotho.

The Sotho blanket is still worn all over the country. When King Moshoeshoe I was presented with a blanket by European traders in 1860, there were hardly any in his kingdom, the people wore karosses made of animal hides instead. Made from high-quality woven wool, the Basotho blanket is worn as a cloak, regardless of the season. The careful selection of colour and pattern allows for individual expression. Basotho take pride with their traditional attire.
Lesotho is the only nation South of the Sahara that illustrates the culture of an entire nation through such an individualistic item as the tribal blanket.
The Basotho people of Lesotho wear beautifully patterned blankets to keep warm.

How to wear a Basotho blanket -click HERE (youtube film).
Read more about the blanket traditions and different designs: HERE.
The Symbolism of the Basotho Blankets - CLICK HERE.

The basotho hat

The traditional Basotho hat, called "mokorotlo", is a conical woven hat with a distinctive topknot. It is a symbol of Lesotho's unification. The hat depicts a mountaintop with the name Mount Qiloane, which is conical and topknotted. You will find the mountain close to Thaba Bosiu. The conical top is visible from the fortress and tomb of King Moshoeshoe I. You find the hat in the national Lesotho flag.
The hat is the best known of a fine range of grass-works made in Lesotho.

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