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Skrevet av Caroline S. Andreassen, 10. jan, 2013
Dear members,
Wishing a happy new year. The year of 2013 holds for us the opportunity to face new challenges and solutions,to have funfilled moments with our family, friends and our fellow basothos.

Looking qforward to hearing from you and all the news you will bring with you.

Khotso, Pula , Nala
Skrevet av Caroline Andreassen, 12. aug, 2012
Hei All. The Lesotho mountains are all but covered with snow.
Skrevet av Trond Filberg, 29. jan, 2012
We are looking forward to welcome Ambassador, H.E. Paramente Phamotse, to Oslo, the 31. January. He arrive together with First Secretary, mr. Nkhotha Machachamise.
Skrevet av Machachamise, 24. nov, 2011
Hi Friends of Lesotho,
Kindly note that the Embassy website has recently gone live and is available at

Skrevet av Inge B. Hanssen, 22. nov, 2011
Flott side dette, Vidar
Skrevet av Trond Filberg, 3. okt, 2011
Hi, I am writing this greeting from Maseru in Lesotho. To day I visited Thaba Bosiu. What a wonderful landscape! During this week I have the privilege to meet several representatives from the Lesotho Governemnt. Today the Minister of Health and Social Welfare, Me Hon. Dr. Mphu Ramatlapeng said to me that it was importent to develop the releations between our two countries. (photo taken today).
Skrevet av Trond Filberg, 18. jun, 2011
On the 17th of June I had the pleasure of meeting the new ambassador, H.E. Paramente Phamotse, in the Embassy in Dublin. We had a constructive conversation about current affairs in Lesotho.
This meeting gave me inspiration for future efforts for the activities of our association. NALA!
Skrevet av, 8. mai, 2011
Hello Friends of Lesotho,

So touching to see such a small Country like Lesotho is loved so much all over. I am proud to be a Mosotho.

Khotso Pula Nala

Mamohapi Mohapi-Byrne
Skrevet av Mr Trond Filberg, 17. jan, 2011
Hello, friends of Lesotho!
Do you know the meening of the design at the basotho tribal blankets? Why not read about it on this web page:

I wish you all good health and a prosperous year!
Khotso Pula Nala!
Skrevet av N. Machachamise, 18. nov, 2010
This is a great step in the right direction FLAN. Keep it up! Takk!
Skrevet av Sigrun, 16. nov, 2010
Kjære Lesotho-venner! Gratulerer med egen side! Lesotho har en spesiell plass i mitt hjerte, siden det var jeg som skrev ut Johannes Sannesmoens håndskrevne manus til forprosjekt på slutten av åtti-tallet. Lykke til videre!
Skrevet av Caroline, 4. nov, 2010
This is wonderful :)
Skrevet av Astrid Roheim, 6. okt, 2010
Virkelig en bra start! Bra jobbet Trond.
Skrevet av Jens M. Stranheim, 6. okt, 2010
Dette er lovende!

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